Friday, January 16, 2009

Creating and Editing Objects

I visited SL Muvenation Island today and learned how to create and edit objects. I got stuck on the script which is probably the main point behind creating objects. I would really like to watch a presentation for instructional designers on how to go about creating a learning environment.

I would like to thank thank you Rosie and Mireille (Sunshine Sigall) for their help.


LLJB said...

Wow, Nellie. I have the utmost respect for all your innovative work. How do you find time to be so active in so many different spheres?

I was just having my last flurry of online activity before I sign off and your blog posting was at the top of my blog list! It's a very small world indeed!

All the best


Nellie Deutsch said...

Thank you, Janet. Ever since I stopped relating to time as something I lack, I have it all the time.