Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chaos: Introduction and Resume (mvn08)

My name is Chaos and I am unemployed because no one seems to want Chaos in their organization. However, I hope my status will change by the end of the year after completing MUVEnation. I am going to use this blog to develop a professional resume. Let me start with my background.

Before I begin, I would like to thank my husband for introducing me to the computer and our three wonderful children for their patience since the mid 1980s. I will use the third person so that the resume sounds professional. Let me begin with my passion for learning outside formal educational institutes as most of what I know I acquired independently.



Chaos has always been curious about life and wanted to understand why people think the way they do and why we are here. Chaos was never satisfied with what school subjects had to offer her and went beyond by visiting public libraries and learning independently for herself and not for others (her parents, teachers, the school, or friends).


The Internet is providing Chaos with a huge library full of information. Chaos spends more time online than she does sleeping. In fact, Chaos stopped sleeping in a normal way so if you hire her, she will never say that she's too busy because she never is. Chaos always finds time for online work. Chaos has developed learning and coping skills as a result of her work with the computer and the Internet. Chaos started with word processors, then progressed to html and web authoring tools such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage. She advanced by developing her own learning objects, WebQuests, and social network groups. She has created some ning and facebook groups and belongs to many social networks for her continued learning. In case you missed anything; Chaos learns online.

Philosophy of Life

Chaos has always connected to spiritual things or things she couldn't prove. Maybe that's why she started her doctoral studies so she can learn how to conduct research and understand the academic world and specifically organized institutions of learning. She never understood the need for learning school subjects in institutions of learning. She is doing her dissertation study on blended learning and instructor use of technology in higher education. Her philosophy is a mixture of existentialism and Buddhist mindfulness meditation practice.


Chaos has been exploring various technologies since the mid 90s with the advent of the Internet. Chaos brought a great deal of chaos as she explored ways of integrating technology into her English high school classes. The teachers and parents did not like the idea of students playing on the Internet for entertainment while at school. They didn't see any value in bringing the Internet into learning and instruction. Chaos did not give up. In fact, she remained steadfast in her beliefs that the Internet would become a huge resource of information for learning one day. Today, the Ministry of Education, administrators, principals, and students are very pleased with technology. Teachers, however, still feel threatened by the Internet as a learning tool. Chaos is currently doing her PhD or doctorate as they call it at the University of Phoenix. She is researching blended learning and instructor use of technology in higher education. She is completing her final year of course study in educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction. Chaos hopes her research findings will lead to improvement in instruction and learning and in professional development.


Chaos has encountered lots of road blocks from school stakeholders, colleagues around the world, and from friends in trying to use technology for instruction and learning. Only her family has shown support from day 1. In order to manage with all the opposition, Chaos practices mindfulness meditation, the Alexander technique and Reiki. Chaos believes in people and in giving everyone an equal chance. Chaos does not view herself as a pioneer. She is driven by a need to help others, love for education, and ways of improving instruction and learning. Her needs are not innovative in any way. They are shared by many people.


Margarita Pérez-García said...

Dear Chaos,
I have been a chaos and disruptive element from my childhood. Never the right place, never. I always felt, when living in Latin America that I didn't belong, because too chaotic, always seeking for something ahead, disrupting, wanting things my way.
Once, when I was working as lecturer for a big Latin American University, someone (The rector) said me that I wasn't fit for an institutional environment. Therefore I had to leave.
It took me a lot of time to embrace my chaos, openly. I am Margarita. I don't dress like the other people, I don't live like the majority. Chaos is my life. constant improvisation, movement, passion. Going ahead. Running for life. Strong views. Red flag, Fighting for desperate causes.
Embrace your chaos Chaos! Your professional development will be boosted. You'll feel better :-)
Welcome to the MUVEnation programme!

Nellie Deutsch said...

Hi Margarita,
It's so nice to know someone understands chaos. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I left an MA program because my mentor and head of the department said I wasn't academic material because I refused to continue in her steps and do a research study on the word "it". She wanted me to do a comparative analysis of "it" in English and Hebrew. How boring!!! Little did she know my passion for learning and love of research and writing. I only got over it and gained confidence after 20 years of married life, 3 children, and years of teaching high school children. I should never have paid attention to her. I should be accepted discomfort and stayed on.

I think learning to accept discomfort and chaos benefits everyone. Life is not set; nothing is predictable; so why not enjoy being in the dark? Why not give ourselves a chance to feel uncomfortable and learn from the experience? Let's give chaos a chance!

Alex Perez del Real said...

Dear Chaos,

You could have been speaking about me and I guess many others, though I belong to those who tend to keep a low profile and remain silent to minimise being shunned. Of little use but second nature until you decide you don't care and once past it why speak. "Creativity" and "innovation" are common catch-cries, but seem just buzzwords.

Compelling story, Nellie, has indeed made me ponder.


Nellie Deutsch said...

Thank you for adding your feedback, Alex.

Nellie Deutsch said...

It's good to know Chaos is not alone.