Sunday, November 9, 2008

MUVEnation: Week (01-MVN08)

I am fine with being lost and going from one environment to another. I learn experientially so making mistakes aligns perfectly with my learning style. Actually, I may prefer it that way as long as I don't lose points, fail a course, or get kicked out. In other words, as long as there are no penalties for learning from being all over the place, I am fine. I just need reassurance that the program allows for chaos in learning.

I have gone through the steps (activities 1-7) instinctively. I somehow always manage to wind up in places that provide me with learning opportunities. Fate, I guess. However, I would like more. I would love to observe a few SL classes on how to teach English to real learners. The sessions may be recordings, if that's an option.

I managed to find a link again on the main page to MUVEnation Island on SL. I was teleported into a desert. I tried to add some trees so I can sit under the shade. I got bored with no one around so I found the word teleport so I clicked on that and wound up in another area with lots of people. I interviewed them and got some interesting answers on why they were there. I have been exploring SL in various learning spaces for a while now, but lack any real progress. I don't need to make friends vi SL. I have plenty of cyber colleagues. I would like to to use SL for instructional purposes. I need help in setting up my own learning/teaching environments and learning how to use SL effectively. Any suggestions?

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Peter Jacobs said...

maybe you can get inspiration from following some free lesson online?
There is a lot of ad-hoc teaching in all kinds of subjects going on, by enthousiastic amateurs with long experience in SL..
You can find the calendar at Search -> Events -> category: Education